Hustle Vision

I did some things that they said I can’t do. Lots of people do everyday to survive. I think when street life is the object of modern culture it changes a society. Influences our worldview. The drugs that come with the image of fancy cars, mansions, model women etc. And how they say in their songs like they actually got rich doing that. That their way brought them all of their riches. And society is publicizing for our youth to view it. Not everyday kids end up living their lyrics. But there are a lot of children and teens that do. Some mimic it to act upon, however while for some it is their actual reality. I guess it boils down to the laws. Some say it is part of the Illuminati. A greater evil force that wants us on coal, fossil fuel, when right now around ours heads exists electricity a free unlimited form of energy that could change the economy. The tesla coil why isn’t important things to our own human survival resonating with today’s youth. In the end it doesn’t matter except to our grandchildren. So we do what they say we can’t to survive.


kardashians, miley cyrus, justin ( dim wit ) beiber…and people look up to them…why !!
there is solar power, wind power , wave power…free energy…why do we not do this instead of coal…why !!

" live simply so others may simply live "…mother teresa.
take care


Beware of that which owns you


The feds own me. A law written in Congress suppresses me. We people try to rise and these $!#/^ oppress us. It ain’t even, the whole world could be fed properly if it wasn’t for today’s coal, fossil fuel, prohibition evil forces too much money ain’t enough money for these lames. But I respect the courageous not the one imposing Christianity onto foreign lands. But the hustlers you hate that make money in the bad way and get away with it. Sounds sideways doesn’t it?

The hustlers are only doing what they can get away to make the money to survive. They are not to different from the congressmen, except the hustlers have to work for their money.
Not everyone can be a congressman, and they intend to keep it that way.