Hurricane Jen!

So last couple of days have been busy here. Not for me or dad but my big sister came by tuesday and started deep cleaning the house. I’m not very good and dad is old so it really needed doing. My sister has boundless energy so it’s been the perfect storm.

Today two of my bro’s turned up and helped. They managed to do dads room and most of the house. I helped dump a couple of van loads of rubbish to the dump. Still have a few rooms to go and the shed but it’s amazing how some energy gets things done!

Anyways. I’m just chillin. Been a busy couple of days but place looks amazing after hurricane Jen and some help!


I actually thought you had a Hurricane :smiley:


Anyways, glad you got the place sorted!


She’s a force of nature too my friend!!! :joy:


Sounds awesome friend!

A clean place really makes a difference, huh?

Recently my mom and brother came over and help me cleaned my place because I failed an inspection. (I’m on public housing).

Anyways I passed the second inspection thanks to their help. I felt like total shite about needing their help but my negatives get in the way of any cleaning skills.

Winner winner chicken dinner. It pays to have good family, sounds like it’s the same with you.



Yeah matey. We are in a similar boat. Like I try to be tidy but my negs don’t get me far. Dad is older so he does most of the cleaning. I’m trying to get onto some government funding where we can get a cleaner in to help so fingers crossed that comes through.

I’m glad your family helped you pass that inspection and feel for you. I’m neat but not tidy if that makes any sense!


I’m having to learn to respect hoarders. My parents were spotless housekeepers. A place for everything and everything in its place. If something was lost it was a matter of thieves, not careless housekeeping. Hoarders spend so much time looking for something lost in the clutter.


It’s amazing how clean space is good. We aren’t really hoarders but we really aren’t cleaners. My sister has more energy than most so that helps but it’s greatly appreciated what she’s achieved.

How many brothers and sisters do you have?

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1 older sister by a year and 3 younger brothers…12 years younger to the oldest. Bloody catholic families :slight_smile:


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