How's your work ethic since having sz/sza?

I don’t know how well I would do at a job but I do chores around the house and take care of our dog.


It was pretty good for years, even after schizophrenia but I’ve gone downhill. At many of my previous jobs and even at my current job I used to work fast and efficiently and try to be a good employee and I wanted to be the hardest worker. Now, I’m just phoning it in. Oh well, just gotta last until at least July when I get my ten year bonus. Or I gotta last until next year when I move out of state.


My work ethic is the same. I am a homemaker and caretaker for my crippled parents. I work very hard. I never have a day off. I am never bored. I can’t give up.I am proud of what I do.


I was pulling 70 hour weeks as a Care Assistant in my 20’s. Nights Days, you name it. I lived practiaclly in the Nursing Home. It was EMI - Elderly Mentally Infirm, so some days i just slept in one of the spare rooms for a few hours before doing another night shift, after an 8am till 4pm.

Highly illegal as regards employment law. But it was bloody good money. Food Included.

Since getting ill tho. Im lucky if i can get out the door for a pint of milk some days.

I wont work again. Ive retired at 49.


I use to be a workaholic. I worked 15 years and didn’t take a vacation or miss even one day of work. I tried to overcompensate for growing up poor. It took me years to feel like I deserved rest.


Up until my early 40’s I was working two jobs. Averaging around 40 hours for electrical work during the week , and 21 on security for security work on the weekend. I worked hard on electrical.

These days, once in a while I brush my teeth.

Lol. Ok, that might be a slight exxageration.


I graduated high school at 17 years old – barely. I got my diploma (they’re all the same, and I went to an average public school). I had a very hard time getting a job because I had no experience and nobody wanted to hire me because of the great recession in 2007-2008. I honestly thought the world might end, I suppose.

Someone took a chance on me and I got a part time job making pizza and doing phones and cleaning and being a cashier making minimum wage. I then left and got a better paying job for a year or so doing retail. I then decided to go to community college (or go full time) and ended up being a part time tutor there in basic math and economics. I was pretty good with economics and worked very hard at community college and got some decent awards there actually and did a lot of community service. I was pretty good and in good shape too going to the gym and stuff like that. I transferred with a 3.95 overall GPA I think, which was an improvement over my 2.0 high school GPA lol. I also got into all my schools I applied too. I was happy.

I couldn’t get a job at a movie theater even with some experience and Best Buy wouldn’t hire me despite doing an interview. I wanted to do Geek Squad but probably lacked the age requirement or experience. I also tried other fast food places too like shitty ones lol.

I wanted to be an electrician while doing retail (it runs in the family) but my step-father was an electrical engineer with 2 masters degrees (or something) and I felt like I needed to go to school. Despite taking zero physics courses and taking just basic chemistry, I took all the math courses up to linear algebra and differential equations. I never took programming or computer science courses. I wanted to be a business major but decided to do economics or math. I chose math because economics was my interest at the time. I regret not doing computer science or electrical engineering. I guess I was scared of physics and didn’t want to fail because I had a horrible (negative) experience in high school being bullied by the teacher every day, pretty much being called stupid and a moron and being made fun of.

Since I got schizophrenia in 2011, I haven’t worked except volunteering at a local library for a couple weeks max. I had a paranoia and quit on bad terms.

I’m pretty lazy and might be borderline catatonic in my own words, but I’m not.

I got sick from schizophrenia (marijuana) at 22-23 years old in 2011. It’s all a blur, really.

My dad thinks I’m lazy because I don’t work and thinks I’m lazy because of bad genes from my mom. My mom never worked until recently. I’m 34 years old now. I am lazy, but it’s because of schizophrenia. Most of my family are hard workers, but mental illness runs on my mom’s side of the family.

I would study 40-60 hours a week at university and dropped out with a 2.7 GPA. I felt dumb and stupid, but it was math and I was taking the hardest courses for undergraduate but my units were average. I was taking 2-3 math courses a semester lol. I could barely afford it, really. Plus, I got sick.

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mine is terrible

I volunteered for years so the work ethic is there but for a real job with interactions it’s so much harder which is why I moved sideways onto disability.

I work I get stressed. I get stressed I get paranoid. I never really got my level above basic management so when your 50 there’s not a point to even try going back to it all. I’m happy even though it sometimes bites a bit.

So. I wouldn’t say it’s left me. It’s just been more practical to leave work behind and do other things. I volunteered for 18 years at my cricket club before they shafted me.

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