How you can create a poll - New Instructions for Updated Software

Folks - some new instructions for creating a poll (The software has changed now so that we can create nicer polls):

Creating a poll

Put “Poll” at the beginning of the title of the post - for example: Poll: Have You Relapsed while on Medication"

Then in the body of the message:

To create typical poll surround a list with [poll] and [/poll]

- option one
- option two
- option three


* option one
* option two
* option three

or, for numbered options—

1. option one
2. option two
3. option three

Typical bbcodes I see. Would be extremely temperamental because of it.

What do you mean? Why would it be tempermental?

bbcodes are temperamental. You can copy and paste the code try and edit it a bit and about 50% of the time they wont work. Nothing wrong with the code after being edited it should work but often doesn’t. Might just be me though but that’s my experience with it. .

Old and new methods of making poll did not work for me. Seems it will be harder to make polls in future .

Did you put “Poll” then the name of the poll - in the title of the post section?

L:et me try.


For people who want to make a Poll but don’t know how.



For new posters…


This still works!

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@Dremulf. You were asking about how to create polls the other day. See szadmin’s instructions above.

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