How to defeat your voices

1Consider them worthless
2Don’t care what they say
3Trick them every chance you get

How to defeat your voices

I use these to stand to one side and listen to them from a safer distance.

Schematherapy –
Standard CBT – & scroll down
10 StEP –


Make sure you write it down guys, they can memory flash you.

More like draw a line in the sand against the devil or something. I’m not even that religious but I heard when there are beings as evil as the devil practically might even be the devil that this is one of the first steps in the battle maybe even the only step.

Also, Moses why do you care what they say?

Why would I bother trying to trick something that isn’t real? You’re implying consciousness where there is none. At best, voices represent noise leaking from my unconscious mind and can be safely ignored as they have no power over me.

I’ve never been “memory flashed”. The only time I’ve ever written down what my voices have said was to share the info with a therapist.

I don’t believe in the devil.


It took a while for me to get it… that my voices were self generated… glitches in the gray matter.

They still pop up and grab my attention… it’s a stress signal.

I couldn’t really DEFEAT them… but I could get better at not letting what I was hearing affect me… keep the focus on something else until the head quiets down.

Ride it out… decompress from the stress and eventually the voices go back behind the door they came from

When my meds got upped… the voices really faded.

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon

Adds to my understanding of what my mental conditionings, instructions, habituations, socializations and normalizations are and how they influence my behavior.

(And on a physiological level, it densifies the neural connections from the medial pre-frontal cortices into the limbic, emotion regulation area of the midbrain.)

All the “aliens, blah blah blah” I hear are telling me I watch too much bad television.

Not that I plan on stopping.


And, I might add, consciousness is not something we typically infer when encountering others. To take away the subjectivity I attributed to the AVH’s made all the difference for me.

Political debates come to mind for some reason. :grin:

Not me – I’m saving hell for after I die.



p.s. Choosing a politician is too much like deciding what STD you want to be infected with next.

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I accept the presence of my companion and the others. It’s part of my “normal” experience. I don’t try to get rid of them or ignore them necessarily, but I know that I have the power,not them. I don’t have to follow or be affected by what they say.