How to build a poll - tutorial

I have tried just linking to the meta discourse explanation on how to do it, but people are still having problems so I will try to explain how to make a simple poll without getting too much into the advanced options.

Here is my poll
  • option one
  • option two

0 voters

Here is the sample poll that I made with the steps below.

  1. First, it important that you start the poll on a new line , separate from other text or it wont work right.

  2. Click the Gear Icon I have circled in snipping below:


  1. Next click the build poll from the drop down menu. I have circled it below:


  1. Next, enter the choices you want the people polled to have to choose from in the field shown below:


  1. If you want more options for people to choose from, click on the add option button and a new box will appear. Enter your choice in the field as before:


  1. If you want to use advanced options you CAN click on the gear in lower right corner. If you are satisfied with your basic poll, you don’t need to and can just click insert poll and are done. Below is for advanced options:


  1. In the advanced options you have lots of choices. I usually just enter a title to the poll in the field, and check the box “show who voted”. When you are finished selecting options, click on insert poll.

You are done. And it should work if you follow this tutorial closely.


Thanks to you for taking the time to make this tutorial. On a “good deals” site, a guy spends time making a spreadsheet of the best prices of several products. And a lot of people don’t care, and some are even unpleasant.
It must be really discouraging.

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