How to become an expert

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  1. Start doing The Thing.
  2. Keep doing The Thing, every day if you can.
  3. Don’t get discouraged if you can’t do The Thing as well as others.
  4. Keep doing The Thing, especially when you feel like quitting.
  5. Keep at The Thing for years and decades.
  6. Enjoy the day when people look at Your Thing and go HOLY SNAP.

That happens to me all the time :joy:

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You must be very skilled at using it!


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I dunno, when I was in business I always said I was the expert. I didnt know what I was doing sometimes and made it up as I went :sweat_smile:

So to become an expert you also need to become a conman :rofl:

Doesn’t work in photography unless you have someone else’s work in your portfolio.

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Dunno, when i need expertadvice i talk to myself.

I dunno. Ive played guitar for 20 years and am only decent. I never took lessons. I reached a peak and cant seem to get over it

Maybe I should try that with my art. :open_mouth:

You start out with some pebbles and twigs and after many days of building you have a castle.

Yeah same, I play guitar and have reached a peak, I don’t get any better. It may be because I don’t practice in areas that I’m not good in though, who knows. For example there’s probably still some chords I haven’t learned.

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I need to learn scales. That would open up a new world of playing for me

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