How sexy?!

Today when i came back from my smoking break, i found the word sexy in my search term in the app.

Immediately i was paranoid and thought somebody was playing a game on me and told my manager.

After a while, i decided to search my internet history and files and found i had searched for sexy smoking pic.

Did you find such a thing?

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Lolzzz i meant i had searched for sexy girl who is smoking a cigarette :joy::wink:


she is sexy :stuck_out_tongue: smoke not so much LOL and I’m a smoker


Is she sexy like you? :wink:


Geeez you can see everything of me but not my browsing history. :)))

You mean everything? My browsing history also can’t be seen.


Good one. Mine neither. :joy_cat:

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i sometimes used the internet , but i wasn’t supposed to

i was supposed to type numbers into a database all day

i got caught using the internet…

sorry, but typing ■■■■■■■ numbers into a database for 8 hours a day is a little boring

and inhuman

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