How open are you?

By that I mean how good are you at keeping your delusional/weird thoughts from others including psychiatrists. Do you find it easy to contain those thoughts or do they just come spilling out?
I am more inclined nowadays to keep certain thoughts to myself. Sometimes though it’s not easy hence I emailed my council to ask about their plans for mercy killings of those who couldn’t cope if they had to move due to the possible demolition of several tower blocks.

It’s a box I open and close when I feel is appropriate.

Can’t tell what’s real.

They either know what I’m going through and entertain my bitching, or they have no idea and I’m just explaining my experience.

I don’t talk about them at all anymore. I used to until I started losing friends.

Keep it all shut up inside and then spew it all over the Internet.

I was always pretty aware of what other people would consider crazy. It didn’t make me question my beliefs at all, I just felt like other people didn’t understand because they weren’t in my position.

It’s what we’re here for. Somewhere in the multiverse I’m sitting in a room talking to myself because they haven’t invented the Internet yet.


Other then telling thousands of people online I have only confided in one person that knows me, my wife and then a priest from a random church I pulled up to one day. .I am atheist and have been so my entire life or for as long as I could understand things. My wife just kinda put it to the side and has not mentioned it again and the priest had many ideas and thoughts regarding his beliefs that the conversation was not fruitful. Each time I told both that they can speak and will if they wanted to listen to them and try and understand them and in both cases they said they were not interested. My voices can speak through me and have a consciousness how can someone not be interested in this. What if they are proof of a life we do not understand yet or the souls of many people that have been tricked into a matrix of delusion, I for one believe the later as they can become me and have done this hundreds if not thousands of times. I have chose to understand my voices and try to help them in any way possible to become themselves again. So in short I am telling you and this makes me feel better.


Somewhere in the multiverse I’m sitting in a room talking to myself because they’ve permitted human cloning @_@

Nice it’s probably several universes. In a few were totally healthy!

Haha I just got that you meant in a literal sense lol.

I don’t talk about it at all. People around me where I volunteer have very strong opinions on people with schizophrenia. The only person that knows I have schizophrenia is my boss. She cuts me a lot of slack. She knows when I need to be assigned a job where I can be alone. I am normally a headset person. I normally listen before we open up for business and at lunch and in my spare time. I don’t share with anyone. Afraid they would go over the volunteer boss head and have me removed from the business. There is a very big stigma. They say they need a to create an island for us and let us kill off each other or kill ourselves. They are very cruel and I can’t speak out. This is where I come to talk.It’s the only safe place.

I tell everyone except my employers. I find that being totally open helps negate the delusional thoughts. I have also found that no one really cares as long as you’re functional. It is more of an interesting sidebar. That may also be because, in the special ed field, I have run into very tolerant people.

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Nah I was being a goof. It’s probably true anyways though hehehe

There is only one universe. I’m pretty sure.

(God couldn’t manage all that)

Wait maybe that’s what he’s doing.

Who knows. I like to think anything is possible.

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Even before I was medicated I was selective to who I disclose my delusions because they felt so bizarre in relation to my thought processes from before I got ill. Nowadays I don’t talk about them to anyone. The meds must just do it’s work to keep me free from positive symptoms. I had a bad experience yesterday morning and I was afterwards paranoid as ■■■■. I told a lot of people about my incident but I didn’t tell anyone of my paranoia. I’m even more careful about disclosing delusions because of stigma.

I was thinking about asking my landlord if she believed in telepathy because I kinda think that she’s one of THEY but if it’s not real and it prolly isn’t that prolly get me evicted or worse.

What’s really bad about my situation is that there has been rumors of demon worship in this area for years.

But I’m sure my screwed up sz mind is feeding on this

You guys and my family are sick of hearing about the neighbors so I’ll just discuss it with my doc. I DEFINITELY don’t tell strangers or someone I don’t know about delusions, symptoms or weird thougts. I talk to my family a lot about “life problems” mixed in with some awry perceptions i have. I NEVER tell them about my most bizarre thoughts and delusions.I used to tell my dad though. I told him EVERYTHING. No it doesn’t come spilling out. I can control what I say and I can make perfect sense when I talk.

I’m open with my sis always have been… and I’m somewhat open with my therapist. She helps me sort through my chaos.

but even though I trust my doc… I don’t tell him every thing in my head.

I’ll talk to my crisis team about symptoms… but not some of the things I’m thinking about.