How open are you?


How open you are about your diagnosis ? About everything your beliefs your self idk


I only tell people I trust and love or it is necessary to tell them about my diagnosis. You have to be careful because people are very frightened when hearing someone has Sz.


Most people that know me know I’m schizophrenic, but I still put up a facade and pretend to be totally normal around them. Only really tell my husband and doctor’s when things are up. I recently tried opening up to a friend, but she’s an enabler, so I’m not sure about that.


Not as much as I’d like to be. I don’t think everyone needs to know my diagnosis, but I hide it from people who maybe I could tell, like more family.
I was just thinking yesterday that I have never been my authentic self because for as long as I can remember I’ve been hiding something.
Even aside from my hallucinations and delusions, I hide who I am a lot because I worry that I’ll say something outrageous… I keep quiet a lot of the time because I don’t want to say anything that I’ll have to answer for later, and maybe I can’t…
Who knows who I really am? No one, not even me, because I put up a protective facade to “protect” myself and others.


I often feel the need to defend myself for my beliefs, civil rights anti-military stances because I feel so marginalized over my views. where I get thrown in jail living my life in America, and some soldier gets promoted to boss when he gets home and gets all the acceptance in the world.

this is the world I live in as I perceive it. so it’s therapeutic not to bottle it up and “be out about it” I guess I’m kinda open

also its a fight for my own identity and individualism because I was raised in a military family. 2 uncles, grandpa, and my brother are all veterans.


My doc didnt ask me to change anything but i am open if i doing anything wrong i will stop surely


I told a couple of people, with one friend his son used it against me so I stopped telling anyone


I’m open about it.
I don’t want to hide it, but I don’t go yelling it in the streets either.
I tell people if the conversation steers towards it, or it becomes relevant.


I’m open with family members, but less so with the very few other people I come across in that I don’t take the initiative in saying “Hey I’m mentally ill”. If directly asked I wouldn’t deny it though . Though I’d couch it generally in terms of symptoms rather than a diagnosis which is deliberately designed and promoted online to portray anyone with it in a bad light.

Of course if pdocs/mental health workers generally want people to be more upfront about their mental illness then they need to be intelligent enough not to portray a diagnosis in such a disparaging and negative way that people will be scared of fessing up for fear of societal disapproval.

Diagnoses such as BPD and paranoid PD are deliberately portrayed in a way to paint anyone with it in a rather negative way. They are not the kind of illnesses you get much sympathy and understanding for . The mental health profession is very much to blame for this state of affairs.


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I’m an open book. Take me as I am or leave. It’s the most simple solution to the complex problem of social interaction.


I tell whoever. It’s like my disclosure.


I think if you have a severe mental illness you generally get a bad rap and then that adds to people isolating themselves above the effects of the mental illness, and being ostracised.

When it comes to severe mental illness the average person has little empathy/sympathy and is spectacularly ignorant.


A lot more open than I used to be. It’s important people know what I’m going through. Law of attraction.


People tend to take advantage when I explain my illness. They go after my triggers hardcore. Not everyone, mind you, but there are always one or two who will find out through the grapevine and mercilessly gaslight me.


I used to be very secretive about it. This forum has encouraged me to be very open about it though


There have been times when I have been very open, like posting about it on Facebook, but usually it’s on more of a need-to-know basis. A lot of people freak when they hear that prefix, schizo-.


the flood gates opened years ago and never closed back down lmfao. unfortunately being open about my mental struggles seems to fuel what ever ■■■■■■ up personality disorder i have because oversharing and getting peoples attention with my problems seems to make me tick


I keep everything in private, I only tell a secret if I trust that person. It takes time for me to open-up about some stuff, I am more of an introvert.


I tell less people than I need too and only those I think who deserve too!