How often do you wake up crying? POLL

  • Very often
  • Sometimes
  • Hardly ever

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Never. Not ever. Nunca/Jamás

But I have cried during my nightmares while asleep.

When i was a child i had nightmares.
I was waking up in the middle of the night
and I was pointing with my finger to
imaginary beings that i was still seeing,
after the nightmare had ended.
My mother was confused and asked the
doctor and he said it’s normal.

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Never when waking up but many times when I feel overwhelmed during the day, I’ll cry a little.

I cant cry on Olanzapine and Cipralex. Wish I could.

APs stop me from being able to cry, even when I feel it internally. I cry inwardly

A handful of times in my entire life.

I wake up in a panic more often.

Never. Not even when I was homeless.

I used to wake up very often crying. However I’ve found some happiness now abs contentment in my life. It’s not happened for a very long time.

I’m hearing you @seksoempirico .

You must be really hurting man. What can I do to help you out?

I want my Maypo.

It happened maybe a couple times when I was off meds.

Yeah, why no never? Mine is never also. I may wake up feeling like ■■■■ but never crying.

Never, I’ve had the most demented twisted bad drug trip nightmares but never cried from them, maybe bcuz I’ve had nightmares most my life. I do wake up with a fast heart rate and panic mode sometimes tho. Dreams suck I hope they make a pill to stop dreams while sleeping.

Never. I haven’t shed a single tear in many years. All my AP’s and one AD prevent it. I don’t feel sad inside either. I have no emotion usually.

From nightmares I think

Never. 1515151515

Much appreciated mate. I’m mostly OK but I am baffled by all this crying in the middle of the night from dreams I’m unable to remember.

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Thanks everyone for voting and for the replies. Seemingly, among all the respondents I’m the only who is currently waking up crying in the middle of the night. :crazy_face:

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