How many people private message on here

How many people private message on here?

I don’t. I’ve been in a few, but they’re super rare.

I’ve talked privately on here before it’s not so bad

I have a secret private relationship with @far_cry0. :slight_smile:

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I hardly ever use that feature

I rarely use that feature as I never made a friend on here to just talk to about my daily life. Would be nice to have a friend though! :slight_smile:


You don’t need friends because this place is so friendly that it is as if we were all friends and these were our private messages! :slight_smile:

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I get a message every once in a while. One was encouraging me to work on my career.

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I do it, sometimes people pm me asking about alogia or other symptoms. I also have some secret friends here. Sometimes I get pmed and don’t respond. I find it difficult to follow through.

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I have a couple people I like to check in on through PM.

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