How many people like the dictionary?

I haven’t read the dictionary yet. I would like to one day. I feel its very important to understand what you are reading and hearing. If a person who is suppose to know more then you doesn’t understand, it’s just insulting to listen to them.

I wrote this perfectly but now that i read it, it looks like there is a grammar mistake again. Wow, why am i not surprised…

Capital “I”. Question mark?

It wasn’t a question. But thank you. Why is the i capitalized?

The letter “I” is always capitalized when it stands alone. At both the beginning of a sentence, or anywhere else in a sentence.

Thank you. I did not know that

And that is a question. You’re asking why you are not surprised.

I think i fixed the errors

I didn’t start out trying to read the dictionary, I was looking up a word to spell and got facinated with the origin of the root word and then couldn’t stop reading.
I don’t care to be around those people who must correct every person’s mistakes, or think everyone should have perfect grammer or they are an idiot.
Makes me not even want to talk.

I only use the dictionary when I don’t understand a word. Then I look it up. I bought an encyklopedia to my kids. I’ve looked up stuff there a lot of times with my kids. It has almost everything.

The grammar that bothers me the most is I am still indecisive when to use “a” and when to use “an”, it had confused me since then after I got to know even for words that start with “u(niversity)” the “a” should be used instead of “an” for other “u(xxxxxxxx)”.
But I would rather fix my oral English.

I studied the dictionary several years ago, and by flipping through the pages, chances are they won’t be remembered. Nevertheless, I managed to remember few rare words that I found useful.
Please go ahead with your preference as long as you find it useful and practical.

I want to read it to further my vocabulary and write fast. So none of those assholes stealing can get a chance to.

i would have said grammatical error but i am a victim of this myself so touché lol

I read the dictionary a few times cover to cover when I was in hospital… it’s Ok.

I really like the thesaurus better… it’s more optimistic.

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made a grammatical error

I used to read encyclopedias as a kid.

Hated school but on my own time read encyclopedias go figure…

The dictionary is alright too.

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I can understand this, in school you had a set time to have something finished, and depending on your teacher or school’s requirements you may have had to write what you got out of the reading. Then there was the fact you’d probably have a test when you were finished to see what you retained. Not to mention most of the stuff they had you read in school probably didn’t interest you or at the very list give you the information you really wanted to know. At least reading on our own time and books we individually choose it’s more relaxing and enjoyable…at least in my experiences.

I’ve never actually read the dictionary. I’ve just thumbed through it to find a word I didn’t know, or look up a spelling of the word. If I was close then odds are I could find the correct spelling, times I was way off I had no idea what to do.

I like dictionaries, Dictionario…