How many of you feel like your computers are Doxxed

Ever thought that your computer might be doxxed and your not delusional about this though you take meds for this type of hallucination !

Its extremely unlikely or even impossible nowdays. That was Windows XP times.
Now there is more security windows updates, free antivirus and free antispyware. Routers also have integrated firewalls.

I pay for a decent computer antivirus system and never had an issue. I need that reassurance because my paranoia and the internet often isn’t a good mix. Gives me some peace of mind.

I still have very sublte indications daily.

Sometimes my phone acts weird.

Whenever I want to use my phone specific times the Android acts very glitch and slow and resets it’s programs

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What does doxxed mean?

best bet to get rid of bugs/viruses/taps/etc is to NEVER, EVER visit piracy/adult/odd websites. after a while, your debt will be paid off, and you’ll probably return to normal, albeit a little weird.

so if youre afraid, id suggest buying new hardware and software and never, ever stealing software/media from the internet

Being doxxed means having your personal information released online so people know who you are. It has nothing to do with making computers act up. @A77 used the wrong term.

Uh, nope. Former enterprise sysadmin here. Plenty of bad stuff making the rounds still.

Not to mention government backdoors. There’s a case of backdoors on Apple iphones right now. Apple wouldn’t give them one so the govt made their own holes.

@velociraptor @anongoodnurse Yea entreprise but most hackers don’t target home users. I haven’t got a single virus since Win XP days. You only get viruses when you download hacked/pirated programs like torrents and when you visit dirty infected websites like porn maybe.

Plenty of hackers still targeting home users. Malware is still a thing. Just cleaned a system off this week that had a bitcoin miner installed as part of some trialware. Also had to tell a friend last month that either she was coughing up for ransomware or starting over.

The trick is to know legit from illegit websites. The problem is that many users visit malicious websites. I also have BitDefender free antivirus just in case. Like I said, my pc was never infected with a maleware, spyware or a virus since Win XP and my antivirus detects them when I intentionally enter torrents, pirated and illegal streaming websites.

I know legit from non-legit Websites, but the odd thing sneaks through past their reviewers. That’s how I got hit. I was looking for a better recording app. These days the easiest way to get hit is to click on an ad that takes you to a site with an infected payload. Facebook is especially bad for taking anyone’s cash no matter how skeevy they are.

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Provisions of the Act[edit]

The Act:[31][32][33]

  • introduced new powers, and restated existing ones, for UK intelligence agencies and law enforcement to carry out targeted interception of communications, bulk collection of communications data, and bulk interception of communications;[34][35][36][37]
  • created an Investigatory Powers Commission (IPC) to oversee the use of all investigatory powers, alongside the oversight provided by the Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament and the Investigatory Powers Tribunal. The IPC consists of a number of serving or former senior judges. It combined and replaced the powers of the Interception of Communications Commissioner, Intelligence Services Commissioner, and Chief Surveillance Commissioner;[38][39]
  • established a requirement for a judge serving on the IPC to review warrants for accessing the content of communications and equipment interference authorised by a Secretary of State before they come into force;[40]
  • required communication service providers (CSPs) to retain UK internet users’ “Internet connection records” – which websites were visited but not the particular pages and not the full browsing history – for one year;[41]
  • allowed police, intelligence officers and other government department managers (listed below) to see the Internet connection records, as part of a targeted and filtered investigation, without a warrant;[42]
  • permitted the police and intelligence agencies to carry out targeted equipment interference, that is, hacking into computers or devices to access their data,[43] and bulk equipment interference for national security matters related to foreign investigations;[44]
  • placed a legal obligation on CSPs to assist with targeted interception of data, and communications and equipment interference in relation to an investigation; foreign companies are not required to engage in bulk collection of data or communications;[31]
  • maintained an existing requirement on CSPs in the UK to have the ability to remove encryption applied by the CSP; foreign companies are not required to remove encryption;[31]
  • put the Wilson Doctrine on a statutory footing for the first time as well as safeguards for other sensitive professions such as journalists, lawyers and doctors;[31]
  • provided local government with some investigatory powers, for example to investigate someone fraudulently claiming benefits, but not access to Internet connection records;[31]
  • created a new criminal offence for unlawfully accessing internet data;[31]
  • created a new criminal offence for a CSP or someone who works for a CSP to reveal that data has been requested.[31]

Investigatory Powers Commissioner[edit]

The Act created the role of Investigatory Powers Commissioner to provide independent oversight of the use of investigatory powers by intelligence agencies, police forces and other public authorities. In March 2017 Lord Justice Sir Adrian Fulford, a Court of Appeal judge, was appointed as first Commissioner for a three-year term. His office (IPCO)[45] will have fifteen senior judges as judicial commissioners, a technical advisory panel of scientific experts, and around 50 staff.[46][47]

In January 2019 the Home Office blocked the appointment of Eric King as head of investigations at IPCO, citing national security grounds. King had previously been director of the Don’t Spy On Us coalition, and deputy director of Privacy International for five years. King commented “The problem, at its heart, is that there’s a conflict as to whether my previous work and views are a positive or negative thing. They are both the reason I was hired and the reason my clearance was refused by the Home Office vetting team.”[48]

Authorities allowed to access Internet connection records[edit]

List of authorities allowed to access Internet connection records without a warrant:[49][50][51]

Oh noes, now the authorities know how much time I spend surfing


I was doxxed by an alt right group awhile back before i had sz on a conspiracy forum id post on. Nothing much came of it besides getting the police involved. They would drive by the house and yell racial slurs or while i was in the park yell death threats. Mostly harass me from afar.

They stopped after a year or so, prob moved onto someone else.

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