How many here from the old forum?

What was deleted from me: if you aren’t med compliant, have an opinion of your own, won’t kiss everyone’s ass, then you must be trying to cause problems, and need to be suspended.

There’s plenty of people here off meds. Those that don’t comply to the guidelines get banned.

And that, to keep the peace, is why moderators are needed @Daze.


That post, while incorrect, wasn’t deleted. Scroll up and you can find it.

Stillhavehope, should be banned for carrying on about not wanting to take meds,

but continuing to smoke pot, or whatever else. And turningthepage was banned for drinking?
Thanks, mods, for your selective corrections to the site.

I think what isn’t accepted is those who don’t take meds and try and persuade others to come off meds.


See if you can understand, stillhavehope hasn’t posted that she was drunk, never advocated drug use, she’s trying to get clean and be on meds.

Ttp made a mistake, and it was an important step for his recovery.

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Not a violation of the rules. If she were encouraging others to quit meds or stay off them, then it would be a different matter.

Posting under the influence is a violation of the rules. If you see examples of this, feel free to flag them. We can’t see everything.


The main reason why Stillhavehope hasn’t been banned is because she’s non confrontational, liked by the men, and admired by the women,

and is letting people administer to her. The ones who are strong, take meds, fight bull-■■■■, or don’t really care, are put out, all the time.

You know what @Daze?

We like turtles. The mods like turtles. Deal with it, have a good day.

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have you finished yet? lol

No one here knows therapy or advice, it’s obvious, but when you get to be 47 years old, you don’t want to be told what to do by a person who either doesn’t get it, or won’t accept your smartness.

guess not :confused:

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If anyone has any questions about what the rules actually are, you can read them here:

While they are under the Dx’ed - Other category, they apply across the board. The only category-specific rule is for Dx’ed - Sz/Sza, which is reserved for people with a past or current schizophrenia or schizoaffective diagnosis only.


I don’t take meds, I probably won’t be able to take meds -ap’s anymore because of health issues.

I understand your frustration and how you perceive things, but I really think you are missing the point here @Daze. No one is violating the rules by not being on meds or even not wanting to be on med.

What @Minnii and @Rhubot I think are trying to explain is that meds or no meds that is your choice, but you can’t come to the forum and try to tell others they should be off meds. Why do they say that?

Because we are not doctors. End of story. SZ is a serious mental illness and although some people may be able to cope without meds, not everyone can. We do not know anyone here IRL and they need to speak with a doctor to be diagnosed and get factual information about their med options.

You can believe however you want, but you can not play doctor. I personally would love to be able to cope without meds. However, I know I am in no way qualified to tell someone to not take meds. I also know meds can help and do help so many people.

So by everything you have stated - I should be banned or permanently suspended. I am off meds. Would prefer to be off meds, I am very opinionated, strong, and I don’t always agree with everyone here.


it’s not for me, it’s for my good friend, Wonderdunk. I can be on LinkedIn all day, and spend better time,
but I do appreciate those who respond to me, though it’s few.

He’s never been suspended for being off of meds.

its all about you isnt?

Enough is enough. Ain’t nobody got time foh dis.

@Rhubot posted the guidelines, we advise everyone to reread it.

Volunteer Moderator.