How many coffee of cups have you drunken

I made choiceeee to coffee bucket

drinkin tea right now

I’m on my first cup of the day.

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I’ve had one cup of regular coffee today. I’m drinking a decaf coffee right now.

2 cups and I’m going to make an espresso.

One cup today. :coffee:

I’ve had green teas two cups then one green tea next to thee clinic iced at a coffeeshop waiting then on my second black coffee at :house_with_garden:. I might trip n have to self medicate with a beer! if it’s too much. But I don’t want to but have in the past. :grimacing: :slightly_smiling_face: Anyway!!
Happy FRIDAY!!!

I’ve had 1.5 cups of coffee today. I usually get one more.

Hmm. . .

The Coffee Of Cups Has Spoken Heart Dream Trace Wonder In Grace Of Virtue And Things?.

I Seem To Have Said Thing’s Of Seemingly And Seemed To Be Of All It Seems To Be. . . . . . .

Happy Friday The 13th…,

Drink Dat Coffee (!!!).

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I’ve had two cups and won’t drink any more. I used to drink 5-10 cups of coffee a day and have decided to limit myself.

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I’m slowly sipping my first cup. I sometimes have two. Sometimes I just switch over to iced tea.

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I choose energy drink over coffee this morning

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