How long does a psychotic episode take to form?

Just wondering how long it takes you guys to fall into a psychosis episode? Does it take months or minutes, with me I’m not sure if I’m always psychotic or if there have been episodes

Sometimes I go around mildly psychotic for awhile but it seems when I go full psychotic it’s just a flip of a switch and it goes.

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Lately I had an episode that lasted 2-3 hours, thinking that the anchorwoman was talking to me. It was hazy and vague, like a dream.
An other time I spent a morning believing I was Jesus. Thank God it stopped soon

I would say takes about a week to go into a full episode (it slowly amps up) but I can have flare ups that happen very quickly to immediate triggers but they pass quickly too.

What’s the actual episode like? I read somewhere that shapes and colors get distorted but that never happened me…yet. I member hearing voices in hospital and it was like they controlled my brain,making me extremely agitated and catatonic at one point. I’m not sure if that was an episode or continuos

Is there a difference between being psychotic hearing voices and having delusions to an actual psychotic trip?

No. It’s equally psychosis

I would say its a matter of seconds…it goes down hill pretty quick…when im in that state I try my meds

I have flareups that come pretty sudden.
But when my mental health gets worse to the point of hospitalization, it usually takes a week or two

My first one brewed for a couple months. Eventually it broke and I got put on survival mode.

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Mine started slow then took off like a jet engine.

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I have episodes lately that lasts for a couple hours

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I think I was psychotic for about 7 months,well that’s how long the voices were up loud and I believed the TVs were actually cameras.never thought I’d write that

For me a few weeks i think before i start haluccinating and having delusions. It happened to me an event and after 2 or 3 days i thought it was a plot for me, like everyone did that to test me

it depends on lots of different things but its not tied down to any specific time period.

I suffered dementia for a year and a half before I got psychotic and went into survival mode.

You have dementia? Please tell me they didn’t give you APs…

When I got dementia (trying to live alone), I went to my psychiatrist and he said I was fine and sent me away. I lived with that for a year and a half before I broke loose from it all, took off in my car and got picked by the police. That’s when I finally got medicine.

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It’s like I start getting paranoid and fearful all the time first it’s just at night and then eventually it’s during the day too, I detach from reality and am totally absorbed in my own world of delusions.

I have sometimes had colors look weirdly bright like technicolor but I don’t think I’ve ever had shapes get distorted.

Mine starts as a random thought that something in my life provokes and over a few days usually the thought keeps coming back until it takes over my mind and then I become full psychotic, so usually a few days.

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