How long are you single?

how long are you single?

im 10 years single

31 years still dont have gf…

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My whole life so 26 years.

mate throw your eyes on a hot bird and go for it, love is in the eyes


Single until I was 21. Then married x1 for 25 years, x2 for 4 years, 29 years married.
More married than single.

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Since this morning :open_mouth::flushed:

I am kidding but so angry

I would say over twenty years. I’ve gotten to like being solitary.

I’ve had a couple relationships that were real short. One when I was like 13 and one at 25. Other than that…27 years.

About 5 years now. I’ve had a very sparse love life.

the women love me though

since birth and im tired


13 years but when it comes to finding a wife, all you need is one right?

@kuckuckuc will be my boyfriend loooooooooooooool

yes @Erez_Shmerling if you will come to me and do all the work :laughing:


take a look at my girlfriend… she’s the only one I got :musical_score:

I have not been single since the stone age. Once in 2014 for a couple months? :thinking:

Whole life, 37 years.

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ive been single all my life has no regrets.

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I have about half a dozen regrets in this dept, basically times I was too stupid to figure out what I needed to do.

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I’m 53 and never been married, but I have been in a wonderful relationship the past 5 years.

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