How is @Rhubot doing?

That must have been a devastating injury. Will she ever be back?


What happened to her?

I hope she’s well.

I heard she had an eye injury. But that was some time ago.

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Oh, I hope she’s alright. :cold_sweat: Hope you’re ok @Rhubot :cat2::yarn:

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I miss her. :confused: I hope she’s okay.

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I spoke with her a couple weeks ago. She says hello!


She doesn’t want to let us know her condition?

I don’t know how much she wants to share with the group, but she is alive and well.


Okay here is the buzz from @Rhubot. Her eye is all better, but then a tree fell on her house and she has had to deal with construction delays and been living in her basement. In the meantime, she had her diagnosis changed to an autoimmune disorder that can also cause psychosis, and the new treatment has been working well so far. She misses all of us and is waiting to return until her house and stuff gets sorted out. She says hello!


Gee. Talk about bad luck. That’s really too awful bad. But the new diagnosis sounds exciting.


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