How is it possible that I had delusions

When I scored low on delusions

I’m sure that online ■■■■■■■■ test knows more than your doctor.


Stop making threads about being/not being delusional.


but i want to know if the doc is wrong

that test is just based on like 50 questions or something… so it doesn’t mean that much really…

You’re obsessed and you’re spamming the forum with these threads.

i think its accurate though

i don’t think it’s possible to diagnose a person with just 50 questions… it’s good for an indication maybe but i think you need to be observed over some time to diagnose you for real…

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Well its not a diagnosis I realise that

yea but it’s not cause the test says that you are barely delusional that you don’t have any delusions…

I guess but aren’t my ideas more overvalued than delusional

i think you should stop obsessing about it… i don’t think this is helping you. Try to be busy with other things…

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i just dont want it to be delusional

Stop spamming the forum.

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