How is everybody? haha

How are u people haha, any good or bad news? :smiley:

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fine. you? 1516q6q7q8

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I’m sick physically sick but other than that I’m good!

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@gamter how old are u and where r u from…

@far_cry0 im still a younging =]

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I’m mostly okay and mostly unwell. No body reads to me anymore. :frowning:


I’m fine & dandy, all goin well here

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I’ve been better trying to fight off intrusive thoughts at the moment.

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Fair to middlin".

Its 7:30 pm right now and I just finished eating dinner and I’m thinking of having an early breakfast in a few minutes and eating some eggs and cereal. Then tomorrow morning before going to work at 8:30 am I will have an early lunch at 7:00 am with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and carrot sticks.

I have a few external voices and gremlins but I just need to take my night meds and I’ll be ok

Tired. Trying to read.