How high is the risk of hospitalization?

As someone who will be seeing a doctor sooner or later I am really curious as to what sorts of things can have you placed into a hospital. I do know that I have had more than one episode in my life and wasn’t quite able to keep myself in order for a couple of years before realizing. (slowed eating to a few small meals a day, poor hygiene, not bathing except 1-2 times a week, stuff like that)
I’ve moved past that however.

I’m not officially diagnosed either, just unofficially by an old psychiatrist who hardly spoke with me. Thats why I’m going back to the doctor, to get it official.

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If you’re presenting a danger to yourself or others, you can be involuntarily placed in the hospital. Beyond that, they can only suggest that you go, they can’t force you. I have never been to the hospital, but there’s a chance I might go, depending on how things progress.


Well, I’m not a danger to anyone or anything. Exception of mountain dew, that stuffs great.

But being serious I am no danger so I guess that I’m fine?

Yep, the hospital is for people in crisis. If you’re not a threat to yourself or others then you won’t end up there.

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Well, if they see you’re in distress, they can recommend that you go, but other than that you should be fine.

Just what @RowanAmethyst said. Only if you sound like your going to hurt others or yourself.

I’ve been hauled in when I wasn’t lucid AT all. I was so out of my head, there was no way they could let me go. But at the time, I had no idea where I even was.

But when I was lucid, the docs didn’t want me. They need the bed space for people who are having a harder time then I was. So since I wasn’t a threat to others or myself… they didn’t put me in then.

Ah, alright. Thanks for the reassurance. I’m really trying to keep myself reassured about how this will go so I don’t try to change my mind at the last second due to uncertainty and mess up further.

When I first went to see my psychiatrist, I was worried he’d hospitalize me, but of course that didn’t happen. I was in rough shape but not to the point of needing to go in. It might’ve helped, but by the time I had insurance and could’ve gone in without going bankrupt, I was more stable and didn’t need it any more.

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Just a note, the hospital isn’t the worst place to be. It’s a safe place where you can get help when you really need it. Nobody likes going there, but it’s really not that bad.


I’ve been told by people before at this point it’d probably be a good idea to go, but really I’m not sure if I truly need it. I’m going to try just being on medication and normal treatment, if that doesn’t work then I’ll go.

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The way you sound, it should work just fine. It’s good that you realise what’s happening to you before hospitalisation is needed.

That’s for sure. I just wish I had realized sooner and listened to others a couple years quicker than I had. Probably would have made a big difference

If my experience is anything to go on they really don’t force people into the hospital as much as you’d think. The only time I was put in the psych ward against my will was when I was 14 and had pointed a knife at my mother while drunk and in an argument. My family had been concerned that I was bi-polar and wanted me evaluated.

But other than that, I’ve certainly checked myself into hospitals many times in the past and have to say when your there willingly it’s not bad. It’s a safe place to be either way and it’s a good break from the pressures of the outside world.

There was a time as an adult that my mother was trying her best to have me committed to the state hospital but this was never to be as they tend not to agree to do this to people who are lucid and reasonable and have checked themselves into a hospital for their own safety ; )

I wouldn’t worry at all about being put in the hospital against your will but I’d recommend the hospital as somewhere to check into if you feel that things are descending into the point of crisis ever.

I have had to reassure my son that certain things will not get him hospitalized. Thinking differently, believing differently or even hearing voices are not what gets him hospitalized. Hearing voices to the extent that he can’t not communicate with them 24/7, being suicidal, hurting yourself or others combined with not eating or sleeping for long periods… These are the types of things that may get you hospitalized. If you are unable to keep your physical body nourished then that could be a problem.

It doesn’t sound like you are in need of hospitalization :smile: Be honest with your doctors they can help.


I was hospitalised six times, and each of them was voluntary - that is, I wanted to go, not because of the doctor telling me to go. I went because I couldn’t cope with life anymore and needed intensive treatment, and because I cut myself or went off my meds due to them not agreeing with me, and once because my marriage was negatively affected by my negative symptoms, and the last time I went it was because I was in crisis and didn’t have any meds left so I had to go in to be stabilised back on meds. Maybe I could have coped without hospital, but I saw it as a good place to help me get back on my feet, so I booked myself in. My pdocs had nothing to do with it.

Your guys reassurance makes me feel a whole lot better, I shouldn’t have much of an issue getting help with all this reassurance, my mom might not like that I chose to get help despite how she kept claiming I’m fine. She’s even went as far as to answering my questions when at a hospital check up over a swollen spot, I felt like they noticed something was wrong based on the questions, my mom wouldn’t quit answering them for me. She’d answer before I could even process the question.

This made me smile as I think I used to be bad with this. I thought I was helping. Now I do my best to give my son time to answer. I only step in when I can tell that whoever he is talking to is having a hard time understanding what he is saying or if he is having a hard time understanding what the person is saying. It can be hard to step back when your a parent. Have you asked your mom to not do this and to give you time to answer on your own? She may not realize that she is doing it.

When my sis did this… it was a dead give away that she’s scared. She’s scared about the situation so she would “jump start” answers.

The question has barely left the person’s lips before she’s on it. I think the docs can tell when she’s getting intense because they would pause and then ask ME the queston again… directly.

She knew what she was doing, I’ve talked to her before about my problems but she refused to believe anything was wrong. She kept claiming it was just the ability to see that dead.

What I plan on doing is telling her to get out of the room so I can talk to the doctor myself.

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