How far off is the cure?

At least god let me have my youth. In the beginning I thought it was scientology recruiting me I’m starting to hope that’s true because the Christians in my family can’t handle me. I can’t even handle me. I wish I could peer down into Caplyta to see how well it works. Something needs to change for me because I’m extremely lonely and I don’t even see how anyone can make friends if they aren’t on recreational drugs together. It’s so hard to make friends in this society

When you’re stable hang around with the athlete crowd. They tend to have low drug use.

People do drugs when they are understimulated by their life.


BWAAAHAAAA. I drove past a ball diamond full of millennials yesterday. Nearly choked on their weed fumes, they were putting Cheech and Chong to shame.

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Plenty of people don’t do drugs and finding friends that way isn’t really a safe or practical option due to some pretty obvious reasons.

I’ve found sporting clubs, hobbies- things where people get together is a good way of meeting other like minded people. The cure is a ways away yet but I’d have hopes that within 20 years we’d have way better treatments simply by how the progress has gone in the history of psychiatry.

I’m going to find a cure.

Wait No thats a delusion of granduer.:exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:


I don’t think anybody knows for sure and it’s possible there may never be one. It’s possible better treatment and more effective medication could be perfected.

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Athletic crowd tends to smoke and do drugs less, but drink more.

Best preventative is being stubborn about no drugs. Don’t cave in to impress a woman, you’ll regret it.

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Yeah my delusions started off with scientology trying to kill me and take my energy and I thought my neighbors were in on it I even saw people following me

They told me a cure was 20 years off over 25 years ago. Now they’re telling me it’s 20 years off again this year. I think the answer is that it’s 20 years off from whatever the current date is.


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Probably 100 years the way things are going. I think I know the cure, but doesn’t seem to get much traction here or anywhere. I don’t think it’s profitable at all. They say there’s more money in keeping people sick. If they had a cure, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was shelved. They say it’s extremely hard to find one, yet it seems we have made strides when it comes to other fields like technology and physics…

I’ve always thought the easiest way to get the cure is to go to the future and then come back in a time machine lol. They say that’s harder than coming up with the cure.

I also have an incurable disease that doesn’t have a cure either. They said they’ll find a cure in 20 years time, but gene therapy is in the beginning stages and you can die from going into trials with those.

I don’t really care, to be honest. Of course I want a cure badly so that I could do the same thing like others! I probably won’t see the cure for both schizophrenia and muscular dystrophy. But I just want to live a fulfilling life that’s enough to keep me happy and content, and help others along the way.

i think its possible to make friends if you join a mental health club…mental hea;th clubs are places where mentally ill folk can go to participate in activities like creative writing art drama, yoga or group therapy to naem but a few activities or else just drop in for a coffee and a cahat…just ask your pdoc or mental health team

Thanks everyone for the responses!

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I hope they find a cure iam tired of being tormented by voices

I agree.

The jock crew i hung with in High School and later on in life didn’t do much drugs…most having a few cold beers after the game…etc.

Those not affiliated with any group tended to gravitate towards drugs.

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