How do you deal with fatigue?

I’m having an episode of it. I’m tired but I don’t know why. Just been a day or two feeling like this.

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Wish I had a better answer.
I just deal with it by not dealing with it- I sleep until it passes.

I often wonder why it only seems to hit me when I have the time to start the tasks that I think will make me happy.


I just have constant fatigue & apathy. it’s one of the negative symptoms & it sucks so much. :confused: I feel your pain. as for how I deal with it, there’s no good answer I can give for that because I am searching for one myself.

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Its been 2 days now and I cannot seem to get out of my pajamas!
For me it could be depression :confused:

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I hope you do feel some relief. I’m thinking this is some kind of mixed mood for me but not sure.


I take a lot of cat naps. I wouldn’t bother yourself with wondering why. Life can tier people out. And a lot of being sz has to do with not knowing why. We’ve taken a lot of knocks. It’s not just physical activity that can tier. There is also mental fatigue.

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Today I am more mixed - yesterday it was pure depression

I figured it out it’s the protein shake I have been drinking.

I sleep or push on through

I lie in bed, verbally abuse myself, and suffer. I don’t always sleep. I never thought it could be attributed toss, sza or bp. The doctors always want to attribute it to something more invasive, insidious, and inherently evil!

Sometimes my fatigue needs sleep or a nap, but sometimes it needs a half hour walk, and sometimes it just needs a cup of coffee.

same here confused…

I had to deal with that for over a year on Olanzapine. I just winged it at work, but it got too much and I dropped my meds. I don’t suggest you do that, as it won’t end well.

The other day you were feeling pretty up… When I’m feeling up… sometimes I over do the activity… I really tire myself out…

Then it does take some time to recover. Also… I get very flat and fatigued after a manic hit. Stress also causes fatigue. I’m glad your keeping an eye on things.

Are you maybe giving all this a small jot down in a journal to see if your seeing a pattern?

I hope you feel better.

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I don’t remember feeling up? But tbh I believe the tiredness came from the protein shakes I just started taking.

I take periodic naps. Be productive 2-3 hours, then take a 15-30 minute nap. Then back to work.

I’m really too fatigued to give a damn. hahaha