How do you control your spending?

I am finding it hard not to spend money

Looking at new phones, appliances and other things to spend money online.

How do you control urges to buy stuff?

Have some savings, but I am getting all consumed by buying stuff online, as I am bored and just surfing!

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I need a belt or two; some pants; some other clothes. That’s about it. I’m big on bitcoin right now. I feel like I already spend way way too much.

I need it for investments. It’s sad because SSI stipulates a 2k limit and you cannot plan ahead for life and emergencies. Even though my work just started and it’s temporary for sure I feel like I need to work towards getting off government assistance and do something good, real, and productive.

I’ve been poor my whole life, really. Dad is stingy more so than ever before.

My biggest costs are monster drinks and they cause impulse issues and more spending and personality/mood issues. That’s really my only expense. Now, I need to be more self reliant. Maybe start paying for more things on my own and rely less on father.

I feel scared sometimes talking about my delusions which obviously aren’t real but were at one time (and sometimes the reminents of them still haunt me) real to me but not others.

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I went through a similar phase. I would shop online for the stupidest things, things I just really didn’t need

I had to fill the void with something a little healthier, for me it was exercise and walking

Good luck with all that, hope you can turn it around


I only buy things I need. For example: food, clothes, school supplies, gifts, donations, etc.

I also have had my mom’s phone linked to my bank account. When I spend too much, she tells me that I should stop spending. If I continue to spend, she often manages my account instead.

But I mostly stay at home so there’s no need to spend unless it’s absolutely necessary.


I went through a LOT of money while on Abilify. I’m hoping that this new med will be different.


I make sure I have everything I need before I buy things I want


“How do you control your spending?”

I don’t :upside_down_face:

I have a difficult time. I am obsessed with technology so I am already eyeing new apple products coming out soon. It will get me in trouble cause I can’t afford it and I have to tell myself what I have now is good, I don’t need the latest and greatest cause I will run out of money for bills. I am doing good so far. Buying one thing once in a while is okay, but do you really need everything you’re thinking of buying? It’s not worth the stress.

I gave up on cash years ago. Now when I want something I just barter for it with beads.


I wire over all my cash to my brother from my account, and just leave myself a fiver for bread and milk. Thats only when i got the drink demons in me tho.

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