How do we extract the files when we download all our posts in user profile activity?

My brain long term memory is very poor, I can’t remember much of the course of my illness, but would like to think looking through my previous posts and might help me understand better "which meds I was on at any given time

I downloaded it and its the gzip archive but I’m not sure how to open or extract the information so I can organize it and read posts from each day and easily navigate from post to post.

With the main aim being, trying to collect some information about meds and other things…details of how I was feelings…

What would your advice be on the gzip thing?

You have to use a program to unzip the file. There should be one on your computer, maybe search for it? I don’t pretend to be an expert on this subject.

There’s plenty of programs to unpack a .gzip file. I think winzip and 7-zip are popular ones.