How do I change my name?

I want it to be ‘autumn trees’…


I can get it…give me a sec. Standard fee is 3 cat pics.

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Cool name bobbilly

Posted your name without the tag so people know it’s u

Hope it’s cool!!

If you don’t want ppl to know I can delete this post

I think you have to ask a moderator to change it. You can tag them to reach them.

There’s never one too far now is there……

cant have a space though…is autumntrees allright?

You can also do autumn_trees

Only have dog pics @Bowens and dogs totally trump cats.

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You can’t get a like from me for that post there ;?

Even if they’re cute af

No comparison imo

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Thanks @bobbilly . Need to know how you want to deal with the space. you can do autumn_trees or autumntrees or AutumnTrees or whatever.

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I’m now worried if I change my name people will forget me?


You can change your tag line to “previously bobbilly”


up to you. you are free to change your mind.

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I think people can find me easily on here like my pdoc or community nurse and I talk about things on here that I don’t talk about with them. And Billy is my real name.

Ok. well just tag me when you have made your decision, and if you decide to change your name please state it.

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