How can we get a feature here that inserts as a quote the first paragraph of a referenced web link?

I know google search engine does a similar thing where they show the first sentence of a search term or question.
I know that there is a chrome extension that show the first paragraph of each Wikipedia article link.
So it can’t be too hard and it would be very useful and promote better more informed discussions. It would be optional of course like a show first paragraph button and/or field. Or an insert first paragraph button from the toolbar.
What do you think @SzAdmin?

The forum software sort of does that already - for any site that follows web rules for this type of stuff. For example - if you post any wikipedia link in any forum topic (it has to be on its own line, by itself) - it will do what you’ve suggested:

Here is an example:

If you post this URL:

It comes out like this: