Well its offical I have an apointment to be admited at WINDSOR LAURELWOOD today at 1pm… Not excited about being in an inpatient program really scared acualy with is weird because I have been hospitalised here before…

Good luck! Nothing to be scared about, you’ll be taken care of, and it will help you heal again.

Best of luck to you! Just focus on getting well.

It will be fine @mothergoose93 - all the best!

Best of luck! @mothergoose93

If I can make it through the initial intensive care unit with absolutely nothing to do even though I lie saying I’m doing better enough to be safe because the boredom there probably makes me even worse in psychiatric state, you can make it through this. It’s much better to go to these places when you feel unsafe than trying to wing it on your own. Good luck!

I am out after a long 12 days! I am doing much better now no longer suicidal and my Abilify injection is working so great that I am not hearing any voices at all for the first time in years!

Thank you all for the best of wishes!


Looked it up. Pretty good ratings. Sounds like a good deal.

They are a pretty good hospital but the food really bad LOL but the groups are good the doctors are really great and the tech are good and the nurses are wonderful!!! But they reallt helped me this time!

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