Hopelessness is sinking in

And you tell me to hold on___________

Good Morning! :coffee: :sunny:
I am happy to announce my workload is 60% finalized.

I am so hungry with no appetite. I just do not crave any food :confused:
I don’t know what I should eat. Maybe I’ll make a blueberry + banana shake it is easy to drink up.

I am so happy I got this cat. She is keeping me company and also amusing me. She is falling off the chair/ table sometimes though, she can not balance herself well for some reason?

So happy it is Friday! Need to wipe the dust off all the wall trims today, they gather dust and it is white :confused: Then I can shower and just chill.

How’s your day going and anything planned for the weekend?


I am going to visit my dad tomorrow. We are going to watch some rugby.


Mum wants me to visit her tomorrow. Not feeling 100% so might leave it.

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What do you mean “hopelessness is sinking in”? :confused: That doesn’t sound good.

Hey, no it is only lyrics to some song I made it into a title :o)
BUT YEAH can you believe it has been officially around 9 days and my cold is still the same?! and I am taking medication.

How’d your dentist go? and do not forget what to do when you win the lottery :slight_smile:

I was wondering the same thing as @everhopeful.

As far as my day, I’ve been up for over five hours and I’m still trying to work up the motivation to do my laundry. I don’t have a washer and dryer in my apt, have to go to a laundromat, hate doing that.

As for my weekend, I work tomorrow but I think I have Sunday off. I don’t have plans for anything fun this weekend, though.

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what happened with your car?

My car did not start today morning too. Not sure what it is yet :confused:
The starter had not been working the past few days so did not think it was something important.

I have adapted ‘just do it’ attitude. I force myself and in time I feel so good about it, esp after finishing whatever it is that needs to be done. The outcome is fulfilling!

I have a lot to do too. I feel like when it is gloomy, I am low on energy… sunny days makes me a whole lot more productive.

It was just a checkup. I have to go back for a cleaning. My teeth are sensitive so the cleaning will be done under local anaesthetic.

Yikes. Sorry about your cold. If you’re on antibiotics they can take 14 days to work.

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ah disaster! sorry about that. Hope it will be fine.
Thank you, I am not on antibiotics but taking cough syrup and some tylenol for sinus infection. My ears are plugged.

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My mother’s 84th birthday is on Sunday. Having a party of about 10 people. Should be nice.

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My van stopped doing the weird thing it was doing. Yesterday I took it to the shop where my brother-in-law works so he could change the oil, and the scan he ran on it turned up nothing. So, we don’t know the exact cause, but it’s not doing it anymore, anyway. Expense (repair bill) averted. :slight_smile:

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wow Happy Birthday

Hope it will be a great one.

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Thank you.

There’s a couple of pics of my mom in the pic threads.

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I’m happy because I just got a cat too. He thinks he is the alpha cat, and he doesn’t hesitate to pursue what he wants. Right now I’m having a battle with him to keep him from jumping up to the sink and drinking water. I give him a bowl full of water with his food, but he doesn’t want that. He wants it from the sink.

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