Hopeful quote of the day 7 July 2017

“Fall seven times stand up eight.”

Japanese proverb


Technically, if you fall seven times, and you stand up seven times, you still end up standing at the end:) it’s simple math.
But i still like the proverb!


Hi andrey u made me laugh…ur good in mathematics. .keep it up hero…

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Now YOU made me laugh :smile:

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Hey andrey ur in ur early 30ties …have u ever felt u urself look like hero or actor…when i was young i thought i look like one of them…lateron i started to fill like inferior complex …so i miss those funny days man…i want to live my friend…

Other people have told me I would have success as an actor because of my looks and expressivity. I never took them seriously.
And I guess every child on this planet dreams of being hero at some point…


U are right superstar andrey …jk…in real sense …

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I think we are heroes for surviving this illness =(

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