Holidays in the Sun!

So. For those who follow my misadventures I’ve a wedding down the coast this friday. Dad and I are leaving before lunch thursday and we’re not coming back till Sunday. My sister and her family have booked a 3 bedroom apartment and we’re put up by them which is cool.

Everyone is there except little bro’s with baby family as little miss is still not the best traveler so it’s still a long weekend. Haven’t been on a holiday in a while but looking forward to it. Something different from the routine and should be a good wedding with the extended family.

Still. My fitness routine will be shot. I’ve been working awefully hard at it and I expect to gain a couple of kg’s but will try to get out for a run if possible. I’m looking at it as one last storm. I’m going to have some fun and just enjoy the weekend. I’ll come back and get back into it! Determined to do much better but sometimes you’ve just got to let your hair down!

Will take some choice pics for the record! Much peace, love and crumpets!


Soooo exciting!! Weddings are great! I’m glad you’re looking forward to it! Super nice of your sister! Special time with your dad! Sorry you’re little brother can’t be there. You’ll get back to working out after vacay. Enjoy yourself! Can’t wait to see pics!

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