Hiring an aide

I have for a while thought about the need of hiring an aide for a couple hours a couple times a week.

Someone to get me out of my house for something besides the grocery

someone to help me keep on top of cleaning

someone I can blame all the weird random noises and radio sounds on

my apartment is a disaster - my bed is covered with popsicle wrappers maybe 80 of them empty tv dinner containers bowls and dishes that some have ffood in it and some are just crusted with food

this isn’t a normal me state to be in - yea i’m a bit of a slob but never this much ever…
I think about it that ok I am going to take out one bag of trash or at least put some of it in a bag

i’m so lost - I don’t know how to move forward how to get to where I once was

and my pdoc wants me start looking for employment…

I am just existing
I have to find a new psychiatrist
my therapy ends in 2 sessions - cause my clinic switched to this new rapid intensive therapy concept where after 12 weekly sessions you have to take a break…

I’m not sure where you are, but I found this idea.




Just some beginning ideas. I do hope you find some help soon. I hope you feel better.

Check with your doctor. Where I live you can get special workers to help you out, help you plan meals and buy the right food for them, budget your money, all sorts of things. Maybe they know of something like that available.

I fight hard to resist my popsicle addiction. I’m not very successful. :slight_smile:

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I think hiring someone is a great idea however have you tried talking to someone to find out if you can get something like this through a program perhaps for free?

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i’m having popsicles and greek yogurt for breakfast