Hippocampal Hyperactivity as a Druggable Circuit-Level Origin of Aberrant Salience

Interesting article on targeting the hippocampus in treating aberrant salience.

They talk a bit about how hippocampal dysfunction may not be an issue in everyone with schizophrenia, but that is as yet undetermined.

This key complication may explain why some drugs, that are very promising, not only pre-clinically but also in small-scale Phase II trials, may fail in larger Phase III trials (Kinon et al., 2015). Without patient-stratification according to appropriate—yet to be validated—physiological, behavioral, or genetic biomarkers it might prove very difficult to bring any compound that is based on this mechanism to the clinic. Our current approach to clinical trials resembles a garage that tries to repair all cars by replacing the same part of the motor, irrespective of why each individual vehicle does not actually drive anymore.


I think that paranoia sensations are a bit like the fame phenomena that the celebrities experience. You feel that everyone is talking about you and there are rumours etc circulating about you, and like fame it becomes addictive after a while. After all, who wouldn’t want to feel important enough to merit other people’s attention? When I’m not feeling paranoid at all I realise that even my close family members only barely give me the time of day, let alone significant time and attention. Even when someone like Barak Obama speaks other people only give him a few seconds of their brain CPU time.

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The human being cannot acquire autoimmunity against the sz after its inception Except through the effect of the first dose of the drug that induces a sleep state

  • the sleep is the first step to have autoimmunity against the sz

If the person remains in a constant state of mindfulness after taking the first drug dose,there is no benefit from the medical intervention at all,and the continuation of the biological life itself becomes endangered

To be honest @panoramic202, are you a Scientologist? If you are then at least be upfront about it.

The scientist is who offers the theory and collects evidence to prove its correctness,but I do not do that
From the early beginning, interest in the direct description of actual phenomena,events and processes that related the internal logic of the health condition be called sz
Interest in description who the person hears,sees,feels , perceives and coexists with the strange health condition be called sz within the time-place of his conscious state in mindfulness period time

Except the people with sz,I do not need any evalution /evidence from the theorists in order to lend the credibility to what i describe,because they know nothing about the existence of the processes that I talk about ,and they insist to using data of imaginary hypothesis outside the box of
self-coexistence with the events of actual reality of sz

The evidence are embodied and known to the people who coexist with the sz ,they are only who know that what i say is true or false

That’s fair enough, but perhaps you might listen up when nearly all patients say they support the idea of meds. You are risking people’s lives by disrepecting meds and I wish you would stop.

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This is exciting. I struggle with gaps in working memory. In the mean time.

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During the effect of the basic schizophrenic process (psychotic process),the person has becomes in a state of mindfulness meditation ( full thinking process )
The whole psychotic process takes time equivalent to both the inhalation / exhalation process, it repeated periodically one after other throughout the period time of waking .
and implicitly includes a homogeneous bundle of a dynamic imaginary scene,an idea pronounced phonetically,auditory perception and ends with a deceptive feeling expression

in the general frame,the psychotic process is a united package consist of an image, a motor expression,heard thought and a feeling

-One of the important function of the brain has been appeared during the effect of psychotic process,
-The brain has seeks to regulating the speed of the signal that carries a mental concept as it moves from one cell to another ( or one region to another ),in order to make this speed appropriate for the person ability to comprehend the concept and understanding its connotation

Regulating the speed of electrochemical signal movement through a calculated time in order to give the person’s mind a chance to grasp the implicit meaning /concept of the self-idea throughout the calculated time

From the moment the idea emerges from the source of broadcasting /creation To the moment the person’s mind realizes the concept of the idea and befriends it or neglects it ,all of these processes are controlled by the brain

For many reasons that must be explained carefully, the brain fails to manages /regulates the speed of the single produced by the psychotic factor (hallucination) after their emission in the present mind ,but the ability of the brain to regulate the speed of self-idea that emanating from the original source remains in their natural way (inherited nature )

This means that,there are NO problems facing the brain respect with the self-thoughts signals throughout the lifetime of sz condition at all !!
Rather,the problem is in the regions that receive the self’s signals and realizing their implicit concept, Because these regions (receptors) are the same areas that receive the malicious signals that emanate from the psychotic factor !!

We can offer a materialistic example to explain the secret of the process
You have to imagine a virus consisting of a DNA /RNA associated with (linking with) the RNA of a human gene ,in this position it has the ability to receiving the information that it decoded into the human RAN ,then it convert it into pronounced information ,then modifies its concept and send the modified concept to the regions that are supposed to receive the human RNA messages !!

When the person expresses about The modified concepts to the external audience ,they seem as a delusional beliefs or a thoughts that far from reality …etc

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That’s awesome man. From what I gather your essentially trying to describe schizophrenia in real time. Seriously, your doing it well. The description definitely resonates with me. The only thing I would disagree with is describing the process as akin to or synonymous with anything similar to mindfulness. In pure psychosis there is no separation between your thoughts and your perception of reality. That’s why you would be described as delusional rather then paranoid or just a person with strange beliefs. Mindfulness or what your building with mindfulness is essentially the space between thoughts. Also maybe be a little more careful. I enjoyed what you said but it could trigger some folk.

At first,it is right to understanding the events /processes as they occur in the basic nature of any person coexists with sz health condition,and do not know them from the classical medical terms ,nomenclature or the theoretical stander of term “real / unreal” !

Any person who coexists with the sz’s realities has the full ability to distinguish between the real or false in the description’s content,he can do that without necessary to use the concepts /definitions
of medical terms such as delusion /paranoia ,cognitive impairment …etc
Because,these terms that you talk about or read them in the medical references are seek to give a delusional impressions to the general /specialist reader about what is happens in a person with sz

For example,what is real and unreal related the essential characteristics of things be called hallucination with any medical reference in the world ?
What is the hallucination in level of structure ,function ,action /reaction and root-origin ?
What did you meant by the term “pure psychosis” ?

We can prove that all what were said or written about the reality of hallucination in the medical reference is just a Delusional Beliefs that misleads the enlightened understanding to the Real causal factor of changes that occur in the level of self-convictions FOR the self-thoughts /self-knowledge

Can you tell me,what are the mechanisms that induced the perception of reality within
the self-awareness and the emotional theater ?
In psychosis or the natural position,there is a separation between the theoretical thought itself and the understanding’s feeling who gives you or generate the phenomenon of perception the realism
or non-realism

in other words,the theoretical thought(alone) is not enough to induce your perception of reality because the understanding phenomenon is not mental function / thinking process or mindfulness operation or ,but is a separated emotional reaction output "just a feeling not a thought "

In actual reality,they are mere inventive nomenclature for imaginary events /processes be located by the act of the author’s imaginations,whereas the actual events of sz should not be called by these terms and never understood throughout the definitions that the terms generate in the minds !

When you think or in a state of mindfulness,please notice that ;
1- you are targeting to generate the ideas in their theoretical framework,and do not aiming to induce the feeling of understanding or any type of feelings
You are produce the ideas not the feelings at all

2- Understanding is just a feeling like a feeling of distress,fear,anger or joy …etc
it is distinct feeling relates to embodies an inner message that is supposed to match the theoretical logic of the idea,that is in order to give the credibility to the idea

3- the understanding is just a feeling message ,accept right / wrong in the objective framework
4- there is a differences between the feeling that you call it “understanding” and the terms like perception,realization,rationalization or jurisprudence
5- the term “mental concept” consist of 2 parts, a theoretical part and an emotional practical part

6-under the natural conditions of the thinking process,the idea precedes the feeling of understanding and it is supposed to be the cause who is induces the feeling of understanding with any degree,but the feeling of understanding is not right in all condition be treated mentally !!

7- the emission of the understanding’s feeling in the emotional theater is the one who induces the credibility with the theoretical logic of the idea NO matter it is real or unreal objectively

In order to know how the mechanism of effect working over the higher mental processes during the activity of sz’s pathogen ,in the first place you should make a separation between the theoretical idea and the feeling of understanding which it is supposed to be corresponded, because the phenomenon that you call it delusion is depend on induce a false understanding feeling(malicious) for any higher mental process be treated mentally no matter it is real or unreal in the first place

in practice, if you believe with real idea or belief with unreal idea, both of them will turn into delusional belief under the effect of sz’s psychotic factor (hallucination) -regardless its reality or non reality

I find most of your post too long and rambling to read. I’d guess that most here just ignore them.

What is the function of the understanding’s feeling ?
the feeling is similar to adding salt / spices to food to give the meal a distinct and palatable taste

The understood idea (the whole phenomenon) must imply a theoretical meaning and understanding feeling in order to make the idea be understood

Understanding feeling is the primary motivation for accepting /rejecting the data suggested by the theoretical logic of the idea.
the effect of the feeling in the inner emotion giving you the taste of acceptance / rejection to the idea content that was mentally treated and brought up to the self ,this feeling will be retained in the personal memory (self-knowledge) with the possibility to recall it

The emission of the feeling is the event that followed by the acceptance /rejection the ratification over the theoretical logic that be secreted by the idea statement which offered to the psychological self to gives the order of executive behavior

The feeling are the event that always precedes any executive behavior responses, and it follows the emergence of the theoretical statement of the idea