Highway + Loud music =)

It is therapeutic to drive with loud music - and I sing with it - it was so nice =)
The snow has mostly melted.

I listen to

some songs and sang along


Have you heard kaleko?

See if I can find it.

I’ve been listening to a lot of rap/hiphop and blasting it in teh car. Tech N9ne or Eminem are my favorites for the car

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which Eminem song u listen to…!!

I like most of them. If i had to choose five songs that are my current favorites, they’d be…

Big Weenie
Remember Me?

what about u?

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of five i have only heard stan are they Eminem song …!!

Yeah, they’re Eminem songs. Of those five only “Stan” is a megahit.

I love his latest album MMLP2. listened to it?

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OK do u listen to usher …!!! he dances and sings together …!!!

not an Usher fan but his song “yeah!” i still remember from childhood…

hey farcry, how old are u? just curious

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I am bit plder then u 30yrs old from Kathmandu Nepal …!!!

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Isn’t that near Everest?

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do u hear 2 pac …!!

My sister’s bf is a big Pac fan but personally I can’t get into him. I like Notorious B.I.G. though

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yes …it lies in different district…!!

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have u heard juice and hypnotize by big …!!!

hell yes, those are great tracks!

you should listen to his song “Who Shot Ya?”

got to go, peace

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Good night …???