Hidden cameras

What is the brand name for that medicine?

I would stick with Clozapine. It’s specifically for med resistant cases such as yourself. Nothing is stronger.


Barhemsys 15151515 a recent Lancet study shows that it’s better for positive symptoms

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When you said people would be playing video games in their coffins, what were you referring to?


Nothing In Specific’s I Don’t Think. . .

Unless My Subconsciousness Was Insulted Within Hidden Atrocity & Lawlessness. . .,

That It Revealed Itself Secretly In That Post.

And You Saw It Magically!.

Good Job I Think. . . . . . .

Hope, love, Joy, And Peace!.

I really believe the whole country is watching me. I believe that everyone is deceiving me. I’m so tired of it.

Fame got misplaced in transition, that was rewarded by the brain.
Which makes it feel, that people are watching every action,
So I stayed still for hours together, just to make sure I did the right thing.

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How long did you have that delusion?

Not these days though, but first few couple of years I had these thoughts and delusions

Did you hear people talking about you?

Chill, no ones watching you

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I really don’t believe that. I believe I’m being watched.

Hey girlontv you don’t have a camera inside you. How do I know you might ask???

Because I had the same delusion and I studied all the latest science journals. The tech just isn’t there yet. Even the latest bleeding edge technology in a lab cant do this. It needs a radio transmitters, a recharger and a camera, that all fits in your eye (and can be put there withouth leaving a trace). It just doesn’t exist.

Usually when we have breakthrough scientific findings, the scientists publish something about the technology before it is released. Every scientist wants to be the first, nobody can keep this tech secret.

I have also heard people talking about my back. But it was all in my head. This is a very serious illnes we have. But it does pass, with time and medication.

I see on your posts that you suffer from a psychosis. Nothing personal, it happens to the best of us

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Ok I hope so. I’m tired of living in this nightmare.

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Yes it’s exhausting. But it gets better, don’t give up hope :slight_smile:

How long did it take for you to break out of the delusion?

It built up slowly over a year, then it took a couple of months of medication to get rid of the symptoms. And the delusions passed by themself


Yes very much, but the med took it away.

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The meds aren’t doing anything for me.

It will take time, By the way just to “open up” my thoughts here in this forum took 10 years without fear.