Hi everyone

I wanted to say hi, I hope I don’t fill the server with garbage :grin:


Hey there, hows it going?

That’s my job. Stay in your lane!!!


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fine thanks 151515

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I have been away from here for a while, 'cause I was doing really bad. Last night a friend called the police because of her worry, later two policemen visited me at my apartment, told them I have to cope with this episode.

How are you doing?

I hope you are doing fine @Wenyong_Chen

What’s going on @Gio23 ?

Thanks, I am relaxing a bit because there would be some/certain harder ahead.

I hope you are doing fine… what makes you fee that way?

Good greetings to the :slightly_smiling_face:

I had always many symptoms, for long and short period. Sometimes more sometimes less, from this moment on it could be more symptoms, and more than now. I hope I explain it by what you can understand.

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English isn’t my Mothertongue, either German. I was however doing some tricks of phonolgy, these made someone else laugh and I am glad to see that. :blush:

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