Hey everyone

In Finland now is darker and a bit colder, we have not received snow yet but probably will maybe in a few weeks. Its been over 5 years since I was released from hospital, taking meds and doing fine. Only current problems I have these days are anxiety and suspiciousness and paranoia, otherwise I am doing good. Not suffering from negative symptoms, and can take good care of myself and my home. Also its soon christmas and I will celebrate with my family, we usually drink alcohol and eat nice food. I wish you all a good time and to enjoy life, Life is relative, it can be worse and it can be better. God bless…


Good to hear you’re good at taking care of yourself.

Here the weather is still pretty mild and winter seems far away.


It should be already dark in Finland already. The sunny days are a lot shorter.


Welcome back @zolly !


Hey ya @zolly


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