Hey @azley 🌈

I find this their new masterpiece. What do you think?


Paging @Azley . (Because it won’t notify him if it’s just in the subject line) :slight_smile:


Thats @everhopeful, always helpful. :cherry_blossom:


I’m liking in… about a minute in here.

Seems to have the typical cleverisms and wordplay… nice untertones… one of his less annoying vocal styles…

I’ll let you know if it winds up getting stuck in my mind like my old favorites.

Someone started a clickbait thread… I should have posted this in there:

wait @everhopeful was that you?

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Yes it was me ! The first and probably last time I’ll do that lol.

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lol the reinforcement of the chorus is pretty funny… got jealous guy written all over it.

I’ve felt that way about all of them though… jesus why do you sleep around. Girls cheating on their boyfriends just to wind up sitting around crying about it later.

It ain’t that innocent, clean, or even fun afterwards… it’s growing more hilarious to me than anything else.

oh well, oh well, oh well… I’m going to try not to dwell on those mental roads today.

The girl in the screenshot is in the music video for no more than 5 seconds just about

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It’s taken a while but most of the new Voidz album has grown on me.

It’s all pretty good.

He’s got some philosophical theme and meta-scopic stuff going on with his new band… From tyranny to virtue… old innocence in the face of modern craze… from a guy who, like many many others, has always straddled both sides. I like the stage it sets in the mind… though I’m beginning to wonder if it’s healthy for me… though I might just not be content with being stuck with my parents for 6 months…

I should have tried to grow up a little quicker back then lol.

You’re going to have to stay with your parents for 6 months…wow, bummer dude :hugs:.


only two more… but it’ll make 10 months total.

How are your parents? Are they hands off, supportive or like friends

They are both pretty needy on a lot of levels.

Both are generous and nice for the most part… but they’ve got some long standing issues that really annoy me.

I can’t wait to be living on my own again.

:hugs: sorry I bit your head off…you’ve got the “stuck” thing going on,too.

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Hard to grow when there’s others in your space that ya have issues with though you love them. It’s tough cuz ya wish things could be different, but it is what it is

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yep… exactly… I won’t be signing up for living with them again that’s for sure.

We’re better, too. Got stuff off our chest. I had a fun day with the girl next door and her two kids. Wow, kids can be draining

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I like to stick with the few ones I like. I don’t really enjoy discovering new stuff, getting too old for it anyway.
Hey I didn’t realize you’ve been living with your mother for a while… How that happened?

I just recently came to realize that it is hard to make for a living in USA almost as everywhere else, except for Nordic countries maybe. People are basically struggling with shifts and bills and still can’t have more than basic needs satisfied.

Why doesn’t Azley just marry you and you move to US.

Your both single and something ain’t right there…

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Lol you make it sound so simple.
I do believe that we are soul mates on some level…or would be in some parallel universe.
But I do have a semi-serious relationship now…and it would took me a LOT to get a visa because - trump.
Also, who said Bryan would marry me anyway lol :rofl:
You so sweet Sam