Here's a pic of my penis. Look quick before a mod takes it down!

Are you sure that is long enough? :thinking: @ZombieMombie


I’m lovin’ this post. I clicked it with my husband sitting right here next to me.

I wasn’t disappointed, @freakonaleash. lol

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Nope. But whaddaya do?


Surgery and extensions…:rofl:

If the number of replies (now 25) indicates penile length at 1/4 inches per reply Mr. Leash is going to eventually have trouble walking.

Standard Harvard Penile Conversions


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I laugh every time this thread pops up in the list.
Can’t believe it’s still going on, but it is funny.

Am pretty sure this thread is gonna rival the ‘say anything ‘ threads soon lol

I didnt click to see a picture of your knob. I purely clicked for the forum drama and see if they banned you! lol. Nice joke - just dont do it it real life. I get in funny bored moods too - for a wind up, but they never end too well. :slight_smile:

Ok what’s funny to me is that there’s a period -> . right after you say there’s a pic of your penis. Is that it?

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