Help with coming up with a new tagline

I was going to make it something like “If you don’t see me on this forum, I’m probably either sleeping or dead”, but that isn’t very funny. I figured I’d try to make it something about how much time I spend here but I can’t come with anything good.

Any suggestions?

How about “forum frequent flier”?

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I like it. Can you change it for me? I will get 3 cat pics.

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Forum veteran maybe

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Thanks @Moonbeam


Thanks for the suggestion Aziz. I already changed it though.

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Hmm. . .

Those Cat Pictures Would Be Funnier If It Was Based On A Cartoon.

That Spoke About How Great Emotional Feeling’s Can Be When You Treat Them With Respect.

Now Don’t Get Me Wrong, They Aren’t Funny.

Which Is Why The Cartoon Would Be Much Better.



Slystic, you should seriously consider getting your own pet.

Hmm. . .

I’ll Adopt A New Friend Soon Enough.

In The Meantime I’ll Try And Understand The Bliss Of Pure Ignorance.


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