Help social security apointment 2moro who deserves it more

i had sz 6 to 8 mnths grnteed year but cannabis clda been factor to possible 12 mnth mre silent nd whole arguments which they claimed nvr hppnd n the fan or tv was on im not depressed atm but could get bored n become probaly just as little willpower or more or less i do less though i was always lazy id get a job i believe prt time only my mom supports me and a athlete brother i have tv xbox and i eat ok she mkes 2600 4 life my brother could be removed out of the equation and we might move 2 samoa possibly cheaper although it sucks dick there nd internet suks dk thre nd ill prolly hav no frens 2 ply with or tlk 2 lots of fam but from past perspective they suck i just want gmer frens there

thought i would say hi,
good idea to stay off the cannabis .
take care

Help - Repeat this word for word to the person you talk to at SS. Or print it out + hand it to them.