Help (Premise for book)

Hello my name is Brent Jackstandt and I am sending an SOS out on the internet forums. I seem to have amnesia and have forgotten much of my life. I’m currently trapped in a deserted city in the middle of Americas. The internet connection is limited and only works during the mornings with limited access to many pages. I’ve been trapped in this city for the past week and i’ve provisioned enough food and water to survive but i’m afraid.

At night the city turns into a different world, when the sun sets these “things” come out of the shadows and materialize as horrors from the unknown. I can only describe them as demons from hell. I can fight them off sometimes, the smaller ones, but the bigger ones cause me to run and hide.

I was left a URL from a torn up book I found in the shop across the street. It gave a very cryptic message that I need to find out who I am and I will be able to leave the city. However, during the day, the door to my apartment seems to lock itself and I am unable to leave until the sun starts to set and those things walk the streets. The electricity works somewhat, but the darker areas I dare not tread.

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