Help not use to this new Forum design

How do I delete a post? Or can’t I?

Photos in creativity, I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I don’t like one of one of my paintings if I could just delete it I’ll re configure.

Unfortunately they removed the ability to delete posts after 25 minutes of them being posted. Or something like that. They did this to preserve the flow of the eventual archive of this site. Gotta be careful what you post, although I’m sure the admin or mods will still delete it if it’s really important.

I thought your paintings looked good btw. No need to be insecure buddy. Let your hard work show.

Ok Yeah not real important just insecure obsessive perfectionist Lol thanks mate!

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PM (private message) one of the mods (moderators) they should be able to help you out.

Current information on who the mods are is on the about page

Clicking any of the moderators will open up their account page. You can PM anyone via their account page

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If another mod has not helped you with this I’m currently available.

You can PM with a link to the thread in question or use the flagging system and choose the option ‘Something Else’. It will send a PM to the moderators.