Help! Do you think so fast that sometimes your thoughts are meaningless senseless fear of dementia

My thoughts seems to move on by themselves sometimes being stagnated and making no sense

I used to get racing thoughts. Think a million things a minute and it was very tiring. I’m a lot better these days and the meds have helped. Racing thoughts are a positive symptom and it’s worth sharing these symptoms with your doc.

No it’s not really racing thoughts it’s like my brain hits that gas button for a second by mistake and thoughts come out that are kinda related to what I was just thinking but sometimes they make no sense like I’m playing a video game and I’m thinking wow I’m good and I look at a spatula and I think something like queezy ex

I try to stop myself but that though feels like it’s pushing itself to come out

It can present in numerous ways but I’d suspect it’s cut from a similar cloth.

Can you help me with a word for that I’ve looked up senseless meaningless jumbled

Could be something like word salad with your thinking. Often unrelated things that don’t make sense?? That is another positive symptom and it would be worse with racing thoughts.

It’s not word salad you would be able to tell if I was having word salad I would be writing stuff like and then Jesus the dinosaur all empty

Maybe a word for when thoughts are incoherent like in dementia because I looked up incoherent but it’s always tied to positive symptoms

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