Hello! PO: What is your favorite color?

Dark, rich brown is my favorite color. My next favorite is bright blue.

Blue! It’s the best color.


Burnt orange, pale pink, charcoal grey

Orange is my favorite color.

Plaid or pinstripes.

I think it is green now. I really like when nature looks green.

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Are you talking about nature, food, clothing, or what? I like yellow and green.

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Sky blue 151515

Quinacridone Coral which is an orangy watercolor paint color.

I´m taking about color psychology. :sunglasses:

I like grey and green and purple.

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I can’t choose between brown, blue and yellow




Determine your input yourself …:hushed:

Blue, purple, and green! I really like aesthetic pictures with those colors in them which is what also makes me like them so much. I might share some pictures later on as an example.

I like green and pink


I like eyes waves too.

My favourite colour is purple
Also like teal, blue, red and green

anyone else love burgundy? especially for clothes

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