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Hi guys, Im 29 years old male and I’ve been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia for nearly 10 years. I would like to make some friends here.

It started when I had auditary hallucinations which kept repeating words and certain phrases like a kind of impetus or command-type. I also became very suspicious that people were talking about me and there were secret agents of a company sent to assassinate my mind. (I know, its pure fantasy and delusions, but that was how I was at that time)

Drugs-wise, I was on haloperidol for the longest time, which was horrible and made me all zombified, then olanzapine which made me put on 20kg. Recent two years more or less stabilised on Stelazine (generic trifluoperazine) and some Trazadone for the negative effects of schizophrenia and depression.

I have been in and out of hospital nearly 30 times over the past 10 years, mostly because I would go off my meds. I am currently suffering withdrawal symptoms of Stelazine and Trazadone as I have asked the doctor to cut the dosage for me because of restlessness and nausea. Stelazine withdrawal makes me nervous and agitated while Trazadone withdrawal causes insomnia.

Are there any other paranoid schizophrenics out there who would like to make a friend, or anyone who can identify with my life story please do talk to me =) Cheers and wishing everyone all the best


Hello Justinsg,

Welcome and I hope you find what your looking for and get some ideas and answers as well.

I’m a 29 year old male and I’ve been fighting this for a very long time. My parents think this started when I was 5. But I didn’t get my official SZ tee-shirt and membership key until I was 17. I’m Undifferentiated Sz, I have a healthy dose of disorganized Sz mixed with some Paranoid Sz.

I’m on 50 mg Seroquel and 40 mg Latuda with a Xanax chaser and looking into something to keep my blood sugar low.

I’ve been med compliant for 6 years. Off street drugs for 6 years and sober for 6 years. Some of my head circus is due to past drug damage and some of it is SZ and some of it in there is an actually personality. I’m just trying to figure which one is which.

I have a job, I live in my own apartment close to my family, and I live with my 17 year old kid sister.

Again, welcome and glad to meet you.

I would like to say hello & welcome! Justin

Hello JustinSg and welcome. :slight_smile:

there are men that seek to destroy all men’s minds. that’s precisely what school and education does. reading/writing are both arts of the cult of death. if you don’t know this, you really need to wake up.

hi welcome theese forums have helped me a great deal hope they do you to.

thought i would say hi
take care

Hey there, Justin. We get a little off center once in awhile, but, basically, I think you’ll find this a good place to visit and contribute to.


I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia since April 2011.

I’m using risperidone, haloperidol and clonazepam now.

I keep hearing voices.
There are times I get restless, and others that I do not want to do anything.
I’ll talk with the psychiatrist, she might change my medication.

How are you feeling about the positive and negative symptoms now?

Hello justin and welcome aboard the SZ bus. Got my card stamped 18 years ago and I was a frequent flyer at the greybar hotel (involuntary psych hospital).
Earned my freedom wings when I got dropped from my med insurance, just as everybody else got on board. But hey, who’s got the advantage now?

Thank you for replying SurprisedJ. Wow am I glad there are other people besides me wearing the SZ tee shirt =O You sound like you’re doing well, having your own apartment and job. I have been pretty restless but I attribute that to not working atm rather than the meds. (Its probably a combination of both). I feel pretty lazy sometimes, I wonder if my lack of drive is SZ, meds or pure laziness sometimes.

Thanks for the welcome and glad to meet you too.

Thank you goggles =)

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Thanks for the massive welcome guys =)

Hi rikllin,

Im mostly better from hallucination and delusions , the positive symptoms of schizophrenia. But I still get disorganised and disordered thinking sometimes.

Im suffering more from the negative symptoms now, my friends say I my voice doesnt have any variation. ( Flat affect) I lack of pleasure in everyday life and ability to begin and sustain planned activities and I generally speak very little.