He sneaks in

…bites @ThePickinSkunk @Montezuma @Bowens @Joker @Qwerty each on the ankle.

and diseappears again.

So clever.



Hey @shutterbug!
Nice to hear from you!

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You are a clever girl.

Good to see you.


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dosen’t kiss @darling which is odd :thinking:

Lol funny. 15151515151515

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Only one ankle? Seems kind of halfhearted :stuck_out_tongue: . Good to hear from you @shutterbug .

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Hope you’re doing good and will be back with us soon.

Sorry I missed you - those damn @shutterbug 's are to fast for their own good!

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Haha! Missed ya bud! Thanks for the nibble. :hugs:

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Hey @shutterbug you clever girl.


Well, okay, but only if you can handle some tongue on the first date.


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Us dinosaurs need to stick together. We’re near extinct after all. I’m glad you’re back velociraptor. You always have a recovery oriented attitude and a very honest straightforward manner of posting. It is refreshing. Not sure if they celebrate Thanksgiving in Canada, I think I read someone mention it’s on October 10th, either way I hope you had a good meal.


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