Have you seen late onset (late 30’s or 40s or older) with multiple years of florid psychosis and late alcoholism recover?

i think this is the 2 halves of the reason I’ve given up hope for my sister

Late onset has a much higher likelihood of recovery. Having an addiction complicates things. You never really know until they get treatment.


I actually have seen one person who fits this description, but only one. Met him in AA about a decade back. Late onset SZ and he used booze to self-medicate. He got his SZ under control with proper APs and then attended the program to dry out. We’re no longer in touch as this was someone I met at F2F meetings in southern Alberta, but he was doing very well when we last bumped into each other. Had a few years of sobriety under his belt.

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She has been in psychosis for 7 years… late onset seems to be pretty extreme in her case
Other drugs will have massively contributed found old heroin paraphernalia in an art book recently from a few years ago, but that is not her whole problem, it seems to be something she has mostly kept from me

I wish I could help her
With my mother disabled from caring maybe I should be her main support in terms of responsibility

Impossible to help her
Most interactions end in argument or a non verbal stalemate
She does not recognise me as someone she should respect
And she has delusions that make seeing my husband impossible

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