Have you got grandiose delusion?(poll)

  • Yes i have
  • No i never had
  • İ used to

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İ used to have really tough grandiose delusions.but with medicine its highy diminished.i feel like i m really standard person except my schizophrenia.for those who has this kind of delusion what was that and did it continue after medicines?

I’m the greatest Buddha of this era, I am prophet of old testament, I am the chosen one of this matrix. With meds, they are milder but still there


I believed I was the one, like in the movie the matrix. I also had other delusions but I can’t say on this site. They were religious delusions of grandiose nature.

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Did they finish after medicine therapy?or they get milder.

No, they are still the same.

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I was pretty sure I had some sort of apotheosis for quite a while. That died down though.

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I was deadset on believing I was a supreme deity of the universe for a while, responsible for everything good, everything bad, and everything in-between.


uhh from age 5-13 I thought I was a super powerful werewolf bounty hunter princess. Then after that I thought I was God, then the next messiah, the chosen mother of the antichrist, a warrior meant to fight in the apocalypse, etc…

Almost all my delusions have been grandiose. I feel like its because I dealt with issues of feeling not good enough and those delusions helped mask those feelings.

It’s difficult to have grandiose delusions when you live in a small room in a group home and you’ve never had a car, a spouse, kids, a house of your own, and you have diabetes, are morbidly obese, and can’t always have an easy time getting out of bed in the morning at 51 and you have a twin who has a wife, kids, a house, a car, and is doing well in life. I feel pretty small actually.

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I’m one of the biggest grandiose people here. It’s the schizophrenia – mostly!

Sometimes I forget that I’m not a god…

I thought that every porn video wqs broadcasted to me lol. Also i believed i am God’s apostle to spread word of god

I don’t have grandiose delusions, but I do feel I’m capable of some lofty things. But it’ll take years and years. Decades, probably.

Yeah the grandiose based thoughts have been a big part of things for me, might wonder why when i have had trouble with basic self and functioning.

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